Yeah... it is cool to volunteer.

The events are epic, the courses are unbelievable, the shenanigans are unparalelled... and we cannot do it without volunteers! Want to be a part of the revolution, the insanity, the filth? And not have to pay an entry fee! We have you covered!

Volunteer at an X-Dog event and get a FREE entry to an upcoming event, and snag yourself a event t-shirt. Volunteers are also eligible for random prize drawings and all other event additives.

What are you waiting for, to sign up just e-mail
[email protected].

Some special perks are always pimped out.

2008 Volunteers are going to get a nice little rafting outing, all on the X-Dog dime. Time to re-think that volunteer gig now isn't it?

Volunteer at four X-Dog events and your spot is waiting!

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