The Original Tillamook Burn Returns (AKA The Pacific City Trail Run)
August 15, 2021
Start Time: 10:00 AM
Start Location: 8-Miles from Pacific City
Exact location will be given August 1 (to protect property owners from course investigation!).


Event News and Info:
We are happy to return to the TILLAMOOK BURN, also known as the Pacific City Trail Run. We will also be returning to private property and offer FREE camping. This run is a hybrid SCRAMBLE and TRAIL RUN. The course is new and improved with some incredible trail and natural obstacles. Hope you will join us!

The Original Tillamook Burn started some ten plus years ago. Due to some property changes we were forced to leave the event behind. Now, with some slightly new property, and an inspired thirst for adventure we are bringing back the 5-ish Mile challenge!

The event is one of a kind. It will pimp, prod, and prepare yand test you like few other events. And when you are done, we will have cold beer and savory food. We may also throw in some random prizes! There will also be overall and division awards.

The event takes place about 8-miles inland from Pacific City.  A very special place with a lot of nature around you!

The Course:
No experience is necessary and all abilities are welcome. The course travels is all on private property -- about 5-miles in total. You will enjoy many natural obstacles. The course features and enjoys (if you are not breathing too heavily, and the sweat is not filling your eyes, and the snot is not clogging your nose) spectacular views, rivers, creeks, dirt, logs, and more (especially the sweat, breath, and snot parts). The course has some special sections, "Number 1" as it will make you so happy you may pee yourself. "Number 2" ... use your imagination and the info you have from "Number 1." There will also be the highly anticipated "Diaper Wiper."

The course is a one-lap loop with plenty of single-track. There are also numerous wide sections of trail for passing and being passed. The layout and design is second to no other trail/scramble.

Prizes and Awards:
There will be overall and age group awards.  All participants and volunteers will also be eligible to win some great random prizes!