We have been prodded, poked and pushed... and now contrary to normal behavior, we are going to buckle and go for it. Only just like we do our events, we are doing the team with a twist.
We will be 100% commited, and 100% driven to make this happen. We think we have some partners to help make this be.

This is a little different than your local club or team. We want to support those people and suggest you do the same. The "X" Team ("X" to be defined in the near future) is going to cross regional bounds and develop a network of like minded people who just want to have fun. Having a "fast time" is not a reqirement, but having a good time is.

Currently, we are working with people in Oregon, California, Idaho, and Washington . And we want to grow. Whether it is forming a team to do an adventure race, or a relay, or just hanging out after a cool venue, we want to increase the quality of the experience.

It will take a little time to get rolling -- hey! that is why we may as well start now.

The X-Dog Team is under development and organizing! Todd "T-Mac" McCarthy has volunteered to head up the project. Wanna help? Wanna join? Want more info? E-Mail Todd
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