DATE: September 9, 2018
Start Time: 10:00 AM
Location: Near Astoria, Oregon

** Day of Event Registration & Check-In will be available starting at 8:30 AM


THE MUD. THE BLOOD. THE BEER... It is all real. Plus fresh salmon.


+ Public servant discounted entries are available print/mail only. Downloadable entry coming soon!
+ Camping in the group site is FREE for participants. This is in group area. Not RV area.
+ Every year has some new course tweaks!

Long before there were all those foo foo "adventure" runs, with their foam and man-made mud pits, and their one beer per ticket post event "parties" there was the OLE'S ASSAULT. Ole's still sets the ADVENTURE STANDARD. And none of that one beer per ticket crap.
This event will set a new standard for what people refer to as “adventure”.  We are bringing true adventure and real challenges to the public.  You do not need to be some ultra-extreme professional athlete, you do not need corporate sponsorship, and you do not need any experience.  This will be a life changing experience, one you will be talking about long after you cross the finish line.
We will not give away too much information about the course. Surprise is a part of the event. The adventure will take place primarily on private property in the Oregon coastal "hills" near Astoria. Aside from the terrain and natural obstacles, there will be no less than 10 challenges created specifically for the event.  Most of the course will be extremely well marked and navigation will be simple. You will be on foot, or on some other portion of your body for the entire event -- you will not be able to just run the course. You will be a filthy mess at the finish.



 - Camping will be available at the start/finish.
 - A salmon bake will follow the event and be open to all participants and volunteers.
 - If you want water or aid on the course you must carry it.
 - Compasses will be allowed on the course (not needed or required). A sense of direction will also be allowed. If you want to carry something extra, go ahead -- who needs a compass.

Directions to the Start:
There is camping available for participants and volunteers (no charge for volunteers). The camping is at the event start/finish.
From Portland, take HWY 30 to Astoria. Continue through Astoria to HWY 202 towards Jewel. Follow HWY 202 for about 11-miles to Klaskanine Campground on the West side of the road. We will have a special area set up. There are RV hook-ups and showers. Camping in our area is FREE -- camping in other areas of the campground are not.

Awards will be given in 5-year increments.

A special award will be awarded the the TOP Armed Forces (ARMY/NAVY/MARINES/COAST GUARD) - Police - Fire TEAM that finishes FIRST. To be eligible you must be active, reserve, or retired. Top team will be rewarded.   AND as an added bonus all of the above referenced entrants may register for a discounted price.  To do so, print an application and list MILITARY/PUBLIC SERVANT on your application and the last detail served. Pay only half price.  Teams will be registered at the event check-in. There is no additional fee to register a team. Teams may include up to five people. The TEAM WINNERS will be determined by adding up the top three finishing times for each team. You do not have to be on a team to receive the armed forces / public servant discount. You just have to be legitimate.  TEAMS must be declared prior to the start of the race.