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EVENT: McCubbin's Gulch Scramble XVII

DATE: July 21st , 2013
- Start Time: 10:00 AM

Start Location: McCubbin's Gulch Campground - Bear Springs, OR







And you didn't believe it...

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CAMPING and Fun:
We camp at the start and finish of the event. For those of you who want to get away from the hoo-ha there are places not so close too!
The night before the event will welcome back the late night Creek Streak for the 15th year, and of course we will host some campfire bingo.

Saturday night CAMPING and BBQ (FREE!):
We are smoking MEAT and of course RED HOOK is a special sponsor! Bring a side dish!



POTLUCK Saturday... bring a side or snack!

Boo-Ya! We have got the goods for you!
5-6 Miles of Filthy Fun.
The McCubbin's Gulch Scramble is looking at record numbers this year. Is it because there will be commemorative T-Shirt or Dog-Tag to all FINISHERS of the Creek Streak the night before? Is it because Campfire Bingo is returning for the TWELTH year? Is it because it is simply a Kick Ass Adventure? Who knows? Well one thing is for certain, you won't know if you don't come out and give 'er a try. A lot of people may just come for the beer.
Anyway you look at it this event will rock your world... and stick it, and river it, and brush it, and more.
If your not excited yet, stay home you will probably bring the mood of the group down.


The Event that coined the phrase: "Kick Ass Adventure"

Pre Event: Campfire Bingo and the Annual Creek Streak! SPECIAL AWARDS TO ALL STREAK FINISHERS. NO ENTRY FEE.

The route normally runs 5-6 miles with the winning victim participant finishing in about 45-minutes. The average finisher will take about 1:15 - 1:30 with some being on the course nearly 2:00.
Technically Speaking:
There is nothing technical on the course.  Some portions you can run, some portions you cannot, and some you clearly shouldn’t.  You will experience many different types of obstacles and terrain.

This bad boy earned the the phrase which has become its slogan: "Kick Ass Adventure." It did not just "coin the phrase". And the sheenanigans and hoo-ha that go on at the camping and finish -- well ...we leave those stories (and pictures) off the website. Suffice it to say, legends have been born there.

Finding the Mayhem: 
The event starts in the McCubbins Gulch Recreation Area on Mt. Hood.  Take HWY 26 from Portland to Government Camp. From Government Camp continue on HWY 26 to the Tygh Valley/Maupin Turn-off (15 miles) then follow the turn-off for 5-miles to the McCubbins Gulch Area (on your left).
There is camping at the event start/finish.  Camping is often exciting and shall we say... UNBELIEVABLE. Last year there was a moonlight naked swim with a rope of lanterns guiding the... “competitions” that evolved. For more information you may call the race headquarters (Dog Haus) at 503-741-XDOG.  Kevin is the camp director, you can e-mail him at: [email protected] Do not miss out on the fun.

We will continue to update this page until the event. Be sure to check in every now and then for announcements.

McCubbin's Gulch... the lost footage.

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