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Not just any link can get on the X-Dog Hot Links page. This page is dedicated to those NON-X-DOG sites, individuals, events, and random crap that exude that which X-Dog enjoys. Gotta site to nominate? C
ontact [email protected].

Race to Robie Creek
- Boise Idaho, middle of April. A kick ass 1/2 Marathon with an epic post event party. Boise Hash House Harriers put this bad boy over the top.
EL-541 Bike Tour
- Willamette Vallley, Oregon, Late summer. Just south of Salem. A great scenic bike tour with covered bridges and a great cause!
Cross Crusade - Oregon / Portland, Metro. The biggest and best cyclocross events in the country. Give these thrills a try.


Gleukos - Our sports beverage (besides beer).
- The best kicks around, especially in our terrains!
Back In Motion
- The best in sports injury diagnosis and treatment. We need this!
The Onion
- Everything is a little better with some onion.
Grace Gives
- Hey... this is our kind of charity.
Map my Run
- Because we all need help.
Map my Ride
- Because we all need help.

Keith Olbermann
- The best real broadcaster and interviewer on the mainstream airwaves today.
Joe Biden - Pro Choice, Pro Death Penalty, Pro Stem Cell, Supports Gay Marriage, Anti-War... he would probably be OK to throw a beer with. We endorse him for President. Though it would be cool to see Bill as First Lady.
Brian Conaghan Photography
- Dude has taken the best event shots we have seen in 15 years. Look at Mr. Conoghan's company on our links! Wow! (Brian... you may put this on a resume)
Howard Stern
- Look, nobody is more revolutionary and real. Agree with him or not, he has paved the way for freedom of expression.

Boise Hash Hash Harriers
- Proof that Idaho can be an adventure.
Red Lizard Running Club
- Portland, Oregon's premiere running club.
Portland Hump Hash
- Hey, "Hump" says it all.
Oregon Hash House Harriers
- The REAL Oregon version of drinkers with a running problem.


Google - Do we need to say anything more. Get the mail, get the calendar, get all that crap... it is all great!
You Tube
- We need another place for Smoove to play.
Coast to Coast AM
- Yeah, we believe in ghosts, UFO's, and Conspiracies.
The X-Dog My Space Page
- I don't have any idea what is on it (Kevin). Matter of fact, I can't even find it.

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