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Seventh Annual

Featuring the Super X Duathlon & Super X Trail Runs

Date: July 31, 2005
Start Times:

Duathlon - 10:00 AM
Trail Run - 10:20 AM

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Phone: 971-223-2325 || E-Mail

The Flying M Ranch, Yamhill, Oregon
The event takes place at the Flying M Ranch, in Yamhill,Oregon. From Portland take HWY 217 to HWY 8 (Beaverton) to Forest Grove. Turn left of HWY 47 to Yamhill. Turn right on Oakridge Rd. and follow the lil' red and white signs to the Flying M Ranch. The Ranch is about 1:15 from Portland and is 10-miles from Yamhill. For MORE info you may call the Flying M Ranch at: 503.662.3222.

Course Descriptions:
5-miles of dirty runnin'! AND 12 miles of filthy biking! 
Cough up a lung here, swat a horse fly there... carry your bike through a waist deep stream and wipe the burning sweat from your eyes. Take a breath, do that crap again, and enjoy it. This course is about the adventure -- the pain and the suffering are a small price to pay for the reward of finishing (there is an entry fee too).   The course is demanding but conquerable and allows competitors to experience a variety of terrain. You may want to "DU" this event!

The duathlon features a five mile (up to six) trail run followed by a 12-mile mountain bike. The courses are challenging.
The trail runs feature combinations of trails, gravel roads, streams, trails, streams, and just normal chaos. There will be very limited ais on the runs (about every 5-miles) so plan to carry some fluids.
After the event you will enjoy plenty of food and beverage!

We have the Homstead camps reserved -- you can camp at the start and finish. The Ranch will charge $12/tent to camp.  The camping is epic! BIG FUN in PREVIOUS YEARS!  Right on the creek you will cross many times!

Post Event:
There will be a post event BBQ with plenty of food and beverage. All participants and volunteers will receive hamburgers and a cup for re-fillin’.  Others may get a cup and a burger for $6.  Veggie alternatives will be available.

There will be overall and age group awards.  Most years the awards are some ZANY hand made creations.  THERE IS A RELAY DIVISION FOR the DU.

Common Question:
Where does the “X” come from?

X" as in "CROSS":
"CROSS" rivers and streams, "CROSS logs and brush, "CROSS" country, (cross dressing o.k.).

"X" as in "X":
 "X"-treme,"X"-cellent,"X"-traordinary,"X"-tra tough, (no "X"-files and NO "X"-cuses).

"DU" as in "DU" this...
not like the "DU" you don't want to step in.

** The bike course is definitely a mountain bike course. 65% single track and 35% logging roads.