DATE: MAY 06, 2018
Start Time: 10:00 AM
Location: Hornings Hideout
Day of Race Registration/Check-In: 8:30AM


Event News and Info:
We are happy to return to the Hideout for another year! AND YES! We are bringing back the tropical theme! So actually, at this point it's tradition! Post event festivities are always spontanious, but could include some tako poke or mai tai sno cones! For those of you not wanting to adventure into the realm of octopus and rum (tako poke and mai tai) we will of course have pretzels and something to wet your whistle. All finishers will get lei'd and who knows what other fun shall arise.

The Havoc at the Hideout offers 5-6 Miles of some of the best trails in the Northwest... and likely some you never knew existed. The trail run features varied terrain, old growth forest, and spectacular scenery. And peacocks.

The event is one of a kind. It will pimp, prod, and prepare you for the rest of the X-Dog year of fun, frolic, and just unreal and fantastic adventures.

The event takes place at Hornings Hideout.  A very special place with a lot of recreation available:


A Great Venue for ALL: 
Freaks, families, single dudes, single babes, couples, kids, and all ages! The setting is perfect for a great throwdown! And this is why this is more than just a race! Bring those picnic blankets and bag up that sunscreen! And do not forget the flower shirt and coconut bikini!  We are sporting a tropical theme, no matter what the weather!

The Course:
No experience is necessary and all abilities are welcome. The course travels Hornings Hideout property, and enjoys (if you are not breathing too heavily, and the sweat is not filling your eyes, and the snot is not clogging your nose) spectacular views, lakes, creeks, dirt, logs, and more (especially the sweat, breath, and snot parts).

The course is a one-lap loop with plenty of single-track. There are also numerous wide sections of trail for passing and being passed. The layout and design is second to no other trail.

Prizes and Awards:
There will be overall and age group awards.  All participants and volunteers will also be eligible to win some great random prizes!