The grandfather of filth and original adventure

It will be SNOW FUN!
The ORIGINAL Adventure Run celebrated its 20th Anniversary with AWESOME weather, and a great crowd.

Mt. Hood Scramble

The 20th Anniversary of the original ADVENTURE RUN enjoyed an epic crowd and savory weather. People from 12 states let er' rip and got down and dirty. Check out the results, and photos.

Pine hollow paddle

More than 70 registered athletes put together more than 100 category finishes in an exciting day of racing. The women's race featured Hood River's 15-year old Hannah Hill pulling a solid field of women before getting edged out by 3/100ths of a second for the victory. Gorge Performance's Kim Rueter edged Hill out in a photo finish. On the men's side, Idaho's Joe Threadgill put in a solid wire to wire race, beating out Lucas Tracy and Gorge Performance's, Bob Rueter -- age 60? (we will need ID). Recap coming, but for now how about some photos and results!

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