White River Snowshoe

Beautiful day ...

Toughest conditions!

Brrrrrave Runners!
The Duathlon had a record turnout!
The conditions were the toughest of all time!


It looked like it was going to be nasty... with regards to the weather. It was not! It was near perfect weather. The course was whole different story. The trail was insane with a peanut butter topping! MAJOR kudos to all participants a job well done. Check out the results and photos.


Horning's Hideout hosts another Havoc! The 8K trail run is set to bring back the gnarly course and troipcal theme! There may not be a lot of flamingos embracing the themed trailfest, but we will have peacocks! There is a ton of fun on site and with camping available! Check it out and get signed up!

event alerts

The Mt. Hood Scramble is open for registration and it is filling. This event fills early every year. If you want to run the 'Original Adventure' you need to sign up early.

Registration has opened for all posted 2014 events through July. You can check out the current calendar and register now! Don't get left out, many events have registration limits and meet them each year.

You can register for someone else! You know what this means?1? Give the gift of adventure, and there is a good chance it will be a gift they remember for a long time. Either from having an epic time, OR from a lasting scar that could easily be obtained during participation.